2 great books? 1 great price! The Player?s Handbook and Player?s Handbook 2 contain all of the rules, classes, races, feats, skills, and items any player of D&D® will ever need. Gathered together in a handsome slip-case, this special holiday collection offers both books at one great price! I purchased this a couple years ago and have opened it and thumbed through it exactly once. Now it is taking up shelf space and I'd like to find a good home for the set. I got it from Amazon.ca (http://www.amazon.ca/4th-Players-Handbook-Collection-Rulebooks/dp/2X) originally but they seem to be unavailable now. Each of these books would be $39.95 a piece normally (or $25.04 if bought seperately now from Amazon). I am asking $15 firm for both. If the ad is still up the item is still available. Please see my other sales for items of interest.